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Rooms, Traditional Banda’s and Pitched Tents


Bed & Breakfast Half board Full Board
Fully Contained 2 Bedroom Cottage 15,000/- per night 19,000/- per night 22,000/- per night
Self Catering 2 Bedroom Cottage 11,500/- per night
Fully Contained Single 4,500/- per night 7,000/- per night 8,000/- per night
Fully Contained Double 7,000/- per night 9,800/- per night 11,500/- per night
Fully Contained Twin 8,000/- per night 12,000/- per night 14,500/- per night



Camping(Bed Only) 1,500/- per person, per night
Camping(Bed & Breakfast) 2,000/- per person, per night
Camping(Own Tent) 1,000/- per person, per night
Picnic Fee 700/- per person, per day
Student Camping 500/- per student, per night


For camping, we encourage campers to carry there own utensils and stoves. The resort can only provided very limited items at a fee.

If you have a large group or would like to stay for more than one night, please feel free to contact us about discounts or custom rates that we may be able to offer you and your party.